Shubmangal Media’s internship program – Learn to Earn!!!

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I Learn” the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin has always inspired Shubmangal media, a company soaring the heights of success with the support of a great team and impeccable management.

How to find interships? We are opening our doors to welcome the fresh talent who we believe can make our company create a benchmark of excellence in the near future. Shubmangal Media is all geared up to provide you a podium of learning for all those who are willing to make a career in the world of digital marketing. Our Internship program is a real-time incubator to provide you hands-on experience to work and assist on the real projects.

If this is you then we are for you: Internship meaning

Gaining hands-on experience to work on a real project is the dream of all the college pass-outs, not only it helps in laying a strong foundation stone of your professional life, but a good and the sound internship program helps you develop on cognitive and interpersonal skills which are equally important to survive and succeed in the competitive environment. Shubmangal Media’sunpaid internship program is a holistic approach fordeveloping your personality & career. If this is you, we are ready to embrace you with open arms and a warm heart:

  • Passionate about your goal
  • Willing to work hard
  • Ability to prioritize work
  • Foster a positive environment and willingness to learn
  • Ready to embrace the values and principal of Shubmangal media: CREA- Creativity, Readiness to work, Enthusiasm, and Agility,

The Shubmanagal Media difference

The research internship program at our premises has been designed to be a blend of learning and fun. We believe that learning if accompanied with practical experience can make it easy and motivates the candidate to come up with new and innovative ideas. In order to help you reap the maximum benefit out of our summer internship program, we have a designated mentor or buddy mentor who will guide you through your mentorship tenure. We make sure that by the end of your internship journey you have a bag full of experience and a significant list of accomplishments to proudly boast about.

Shubmangal Media believes in developing and nurturing talent and hence our internship program has myriads of options for students from a different background, not only this, the professionals who are willing to expand their horizon of learning also get a favorable ecosystem in our premises.

At Shubmangal Media you will not only get to assist your manager, but we might make you handle real projects as well. The sole objective of this move is to develop your confidence and make you ready to handle real world projects. Remember, from the first day of your internship at Shubmanagl media you will be geared up to work & hone your innovative side, think out of the box and implement these ideas to make Shubmangal Media reach the zenith of success. We promise to make this learning cycle of yours the most beneficial one which will lead to your wholesome development. Go ahead and make the wisest decision ofyour career by joining us today.

To apply for an internship, send your resumes at mentioning “INTERNSHIP” in the subject line