Coding Internship

Code it right with Shubhmangal Media coding internship program

The internship is the time when you have to make the most out of it and then you have Shubmangal Media’s summer internship, which helps you make the best out of the internship program. Coding is an important aspect of the digital world, whether it is a website , application or anything pertaining to the background of the digital world, coding is the soul of it and having the right pool of talent ensures the seamless functioning of the website and applications. Since most of the companies have now gone online, the need for coding expert is in huge demand. The coding internship program at Shubhmangal Media is the best way to nurture your raw knowledge into a more professionally defined mold.

Be different by creating a difference

Coding internship in the premises of Shubhmangal Media is going to an incredible experience. The time that you spend here will shape your personality to be perfect fitment for any of the corporate. We not only hone technical skills but at the same time, our focus is to make you learn coding along with working on your personal development and hence, here at Shubhmangal Media we divide you into different teams where you need to work together under the supervision of your mentor. At the end of your internship program, we will closely scrutinize the work done by you and assess your growth curve in Shubhmangal Media. The good news is that this summer internship program can be your way to make your name emblazoned on the payroll of our company so make sure that you work it out well during your summer internship.

We expect a lot from you so be rest assured that it's going to be a tough fight to make your name here, but we guarantee that all this is going to be an incredible learning experience for each one of you.

Door of opportunities:

At Shubhmangal Media we believe in delivering a hands-on experience to each candidate and hence you will be placed on the live projects, but initially you will be assisting your mentor. Later, as your learning graph will increase we will make you handle live projects.

You will be challenged to develop projects, applications that will be tested later. Your tenure as a summer intern will be as challenging and demanding as other employees of the company so you need to work on similar parameters.

What do we expect from you?

As a company we expect you to have the following skill sets:

  • Knowledge of coding
  • Already worked as a coding expert
  • Graduate or postgraduate in the IT and allied field
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to grasp easily
  • Out of the box approach
  • Ready to work on deadlines
  • Passionate about your work and profile

If you think you are an expert coder, why not give a shot at Shubhmangal Media’s internship program,if you are good we will make you the best and if you are best we assure to make you better than the rest. Drop your resume and let's get started.

To apply for an Coding Internship, send your resumes at mentioning “CODING INTERNSHIP” in the subject line.