Content Writing Internship

Shubhmangal Media Content Writing Internship-Write for Contentment!!!

Content writing is a field that has made escalation from a part of the representation of thought to mainstream career prospect. The prime reason for this is growing importance of content marketing and social media marketing which relies solely on flashy and enticing content. The world of digital marketing is incomplete without content marketing.

The field of content marketing is huge and it has a wide scope nowadays, especially when blogging has emerged as a good source of information and become quite popular. We all will agree to the fact that a strong online presence is paramount for a company to succeed nowadays, and a website should have relevant and fresh content that could engage the readers and drive them to invest their time and money on it. If content writing is the one that drives a strong online presence, it is a content writer who ensures that the content is always engaging.

Writing is a dream job for many, some content writers are a product description writer ,some turn out to be writers while others might indulge in other forms of creative writing, whatever the field, it may be, content writers are required in all spheres of business, however, it takes a lot of training to hone the writing skills before professionally entering the world of content writing. Shubhmangal Media has a dedicated division, which is ready to teach, train and employ fresh and passionate writers who are willing to write from their soul. Our content writing internship program entails all forms of writing. Moreover, we are flooded with thousands of projects which are ready to fall in your kitty, but before that, we expect you to be:

  • Passionate about writing
  • Writing from your soul and for your contentment
  • Innovative and creative
  • Willing to learn new things
  • Eager to take on live projects with confidence

Basic skill set:

Shubhmanagal Media’s writing internship program is open to all, especially, for those who have a flair for writing, but being an organization of high repute we expect you to have the following skills:

  • Graduate (preferably from Mass Com or Journalism)
  • Good writing skills
  • Experienced writers are also welcome
  • Confidence
  • Good communication skills
  • Command over the English language
  • Good vocabulary is an added advantage

How to make it happen?

If you feel you are the best then it’s time to give a shot at the best. Inbox your resume today for a better tomorrow.

What’s in it for you?

Content writing internship by Shubmangal media is for those who are willing to grow both personally and professionally. Depending on your performance, we can also absorb you in our company. Although our internship program doesn’t pay you to stipend, but we assure you that the day you complete your internship program you will have a list of accomplishments and experience that will make you stand tall amongst others in the league. We promise and we deliver, this is what Shubhmangal Media is all about; we are promising you a strong career opportunity. Our internship program is a kind of the CSR initiative where we want to become a contributor of growth for the economy and the individual.

To apply for an Content Writing Internship, send your resumes at mentioning “CONTENT WRITING INTERNSHIP” in the subject line.