SEO Internship

“Learning is not just a process, it is a continuous journey”

What is search engine optimization?, One of the most economical & adept way of digital marketing, to cater to larger masses and generate unprecedented revenues along with branding are some of its advantages.

When you get to work with the experts in the industry while sharing a fun corporate environment to shape your career, nothing could be better. This is what an SEO internship at Shubmangal Media is all about- learning with a twist of fun and real world applications that not only impart you the necessary skills and knowledge, but also provide you with hands on experience of handling real-time client projects to help you understand the corporate culture in a much better way.

Search engine optimization internship:The future is in your hand, Go and create it

Going into the specifics, the candidate we choose to work with would have to work under our SEO analysts and experts in order to check and analyze the Search engine optimization progress for our clients. This would include checking the results, making reports, reporting to a senior about the observed progress in rank, making a keyword chart or draft for use in content, etc. The candidate will also be given specific training in using the Social Media as an efficient platform to help with client website seo. The role calls for a versatile intern who is not afraid to take initiative and can happily walk an extra mile to achieve the target set by the team leader.

Simply attain the qualities you seek in others

Shubmangal media is looking for potential interns who would at least possess the following qualities to be an seo intern for the company:

  • Hard working
  • Dedicated
  • Committed
  • Adaptive
  • Initiator
  • Avid Strategist
  • Good eye for spotting patterns and anomalies
  • Clear communication

Basic knowledge of computers and working on the internet along with a flair to learn to work with software and tools would surely be appreciated. Knowledge about seo and the complete process or a part of it would always be considered an advantage.

The Shubmangal Media Edge

We at Shubmangal media believe that ‘One should learn like they have forever to live’. We understand that transitioning into the real world and corporate environment is a bit tough, but our team of experts and management make sure that the process becomes as smooth as it can, to help the interns feel confident, facilitating their learning process.

Here is what an intern can gain, by joining search engine optimization internship by Shubmangal media:

  • Experience in a highly competitive environment, tasting a jest of the real business world.
  • An opportunity to work with a team and build a corporate persona.
  • Gain practical knowledge of search engines and their optimization.
  • Interact with clients and take initiative to meet the requirements.
  • Be guided by the industry experts and field technical heads.
  • Handle real world projects of clients to gain more confidence.
  • An opportunity to join one of the most reputed SEO and Digital Web firm, Shubmangal media(based on the performance evaluation).

Cutthroat competition and the race for survival await you in the business world. And if you have a trusted team to back you up and a strong mentor for guidance, you can surely take the corporate world by storm. To know more, contact us today.

To apply for an internship, send your resumes at mentioning “SEO INTERNSHIP” in the subject line.