Graphic Design Portfolio

Simple texts and words might be able to convey the message directly, but nothing beats a good picture or illustration, anytime. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ has been the long-standing notion and the fact that has prompted and boosted several design artists all over the world. Just like a writer writes to inspire, a graphic designer sketch or draws to express, create, inspire & satisfy. The designs are just another way for the artist to make the viewer have a look at the world from his own eyes or just a different perception. A portfolio graphic is thus a range of artwork, design assignments and rendition of expressions by a designer or his team, giving the viewers a glimpse of unexplored imagination and creativity combined with skill.

Graphic Design Portfolio is a unique way of showcasing style, creativity, imagination and skill that not only looks appealing to the eye but forces the viewer to stop and thinking. Whether it is an infographic, a catchy pattern design or a simple corporate letterhead- Graphic design is a step ahead of writing as it captivates the viewer’s thoughts and holds the power to manipulate their course of action. The simple text might be able to express but does not always create the magic needed to catch the attention. This is the reason why several organizations and business firms rely more on their identification and expression through graphics and pictures.

Here, we bring you a few selected designs collectively in our exclusive Graphic Design portfolio.

About Graphic Design portfolio

Shubmangal Media has been engaged in graphic design and development for several business organizations, belonging to different industries. Be it Entertainment, Environment, event management, IT, Fashion, Arts or Real Estate- we have served hundreds of different clients globally. At Shubmangal Media, we believe that it is through graphics, that a story can be told while captivating the viewer’s thoughts & imagination. This is why we put extra efforts not only to meet the client expectations and requirements but to push beyond our own best and achieve unprecedented benchmarks in graphic design. Our Graphic Design Portfolio consists of some of our few selected designs, appreciated by clients for simplicity and sheer expression.

Our graphic design studio consists of several designs and different artworks that include business card design, letterhead design, logo design, poster/banner design, etc. With our extensively skilled and experienced graphic design team, we are always ready to explore new techniques and ideas to come up with something unique and out of the box. We believe that each graphic design has its own identity and objective which is why we work on them with complete exclusivity, as showcased in our graphic design portfolio.

The following graphic design portfolio consists of a few samples and previously undertaken business card designs, letterhead designs, logo designs and poster/banner designs, showcasing our bold use of color schemes, skill with using latest tech tools and a vivid imagination at play.

Business Card Design

Business Card or the so-called ‘visiting card’ is a crucial marketing tool when it comes to making loyal customers. Our team, therefore, makes sure you are able to make the desired impact with an attractive and memorable design for business cards.


Letterhead Design

A Business Letterhead is the physical representation of a company, it's sole printing collateral through which it can be identified. Our Graphic Design Team, therefore, designs letterhead in bold schemes and corporate stature to help you make a mark.


Logo Design

A company’s visual representation is its logo through which it is identified by customers all over the world. Hence, we design it keeping in mind the profile of the company, as well as its vision and mission to come up with an impressive result.


Poster/Banner Design

Posters and banners are aimed at providing useful information to clients about upcoming events or services. Our graphic design team ensures that your ideas and requirements are embodied in our artwork for an attractive and memorable final design to catch the viewer’s eye.